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Consensus Network: Cryptocurrency News & Education

Oct 7, 2018

Joining us on this week's episode of Consensus Network is Tone Vays.
Like many ex-wall street guys, Tone came to cryptocurrency after the fallout of 2008. We had an in-depth conversation on the libertarian aspect of cryptocurrency and its fundamental impact on the world, not only financially but also culturally. 
Tone is also a firm believer in Bitcoin - but not so much in other projects, and he has some sound reasoning behind his belief so make sure to tune in to this week's episode of Consensus Network. 


[03:30] Buck introduces Tone Vays

[06:30] Bitcoin class of 2013

[10:30] Bitcoin vs Gold

[17:30] what if the government tries to take your Bitcoin?

[23:30] Does the involvement of banks dilute the libertarian aspect of Bitcoin

[29:00] The Lightning Network

[39:00] Tone’s one and only

[45:00] Find out more about Tone: